WEBLOAD is an enterprise-scale load testing solution capable of generating reliable, real life load scenarios, even for the most complex systems, with smart analytics providing performance insights.

WEBLOAD is based on a flexible platform with built in support for hundreds of technologies and integration with many tools from CI/CD pipelines to monitoring.

WEBLOAD Features:

  • WEBLOAD is offered on the Cloud (SAAS) or as an On-Prem deployment
  • Flexible test scenario creation
  • Smart Scripting based native JavaScript with Powerful correlation, parametrization and validation engines
  • Supports every major web technology and easily extendible
  • Automatic bottleneck detection
  • Easy-to-reach customer support

Build powerful website load tests

WebLOAD automatically records your actions, offering support for a range of web technologies, such as HTTP/HTTPS (SSL,TLS), WebSocket, PUSH, AJAX, SOAP, HTML5, WebDAV and others.

Your actions are translated to a load scenario in JavaScript, letting you make any enhancements needed. WebLOADs offers built-in load testing objects and methods that offer HTTP functionality, load methods, DOM functionality, automatic correlation and more.


Generate massive load

Load your system with thousands of concurrent virtual users – using on premises machines or Amazon Web Services. WebLOAD manages the entire scenario and collects metrics from all machines.

You can define specific performance goals for your website, such as a 2 second response time for a transaction. WebLOAD runs the scenario around your goal, gradually increasing the user load till your goal is met.

Understand how your website behaves under load

More than 80 configurable reports let you analyze, drill down and fully understand how your web server, databases and other components behave under load. Evaluate response times, understand data throughput and identify network vs. server-side issues.

WebLoad mobile

Technologies Supported

Web Protocols & Technologies

  • logoHTTP/HTTPs
  • logoHTML5
  • logo Flex/AMF
  • logo XML
  • logoWebServices
  • logoSOAP
  • logoRESTful Web Services
  • logo WebSockets
  • logo WebDAV (Web distributed authoring and versioning)
  • logo AJAX
  • logo Kaazing
  • logo Java serialization over HTTP
  • logo JSON
  • logo Push technologies (streaming, polling, long polling, async requests, reverse ajax, commet, server sent events)
  • logo JavaScript
  • logoJava
  • logo COM/ActiveX
  • logo Adobe Air
  • logo Angular JS
  • logo Lightstreamer
  • logo React
  • logo Single Page Application

Network and IoT Protocols

  • logo FTP
  • logo IMAP
  • logo SMTP
  • logo POP3
  • logo LDAP
  • logo TCP/IP
  • logo UDP
  • logo NNTP
  • logo Telnet
  • logo SSH
  • logo JMS
  • logo IBM MQ
  • logo MQTT, AMQP


  • logo ODBC
  • logoOracle
  • logo Microsoft SQL Server
  • logo PostgreSQL
  • logo MySQL
  • logo MDB


  • Basic authentication Basic authentication
  • logo Kerberos
  • logo SSL
  • logo TLS
  • Radius Radius

Monitored OS

  • Windows – Performance Monitor Windows – Performance Monitor
  • logo Unix/Linux
  • logo Solaris
  • logo IBM-AIX
  • logo HP-UX
  • logo SSH

Monitored Application Servers

  • logo JMX
  • logo JBoss (RedHat)
  • logo Tomcat
  • logo IBM WebSphere
  • logo Oracle WebLogic
  • logo .Net Framework
  • logo Microsoft Active Server Pages
  • logo Microsoft ASP.NET
  • logo Adobe LiveCycle ES
  • logo Oracle GlassFish
  • logo JOnAS
  • logo SAP NetWeaver
  • logo Adobe ColdFusion


  • logo IOS
  • logo Android
  • logo Windows Phone
  • logo Blackberry

Content Management Systems

  • logo WordPress
  • logo Drupal
  • logo Joomla
  • logo Magento

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