StresStimulus is a load testing tool for websites, mobile and Enterprise apps. It determines the web performance and scalability of your application under the rigors of heavy traffic load. Hundreds or thousands of physical users are realistically emulated through on-premise load generators or in a cloud testing environment. At the same time, server monitoring information is collected in real-time to pinpoint application performance bottlenecks and isolate web speed issues.

StresStimulus makes website stress testing and mobile performance testing super easy thanks to its end-to-end test wizard that walks you through recording, configuring and executing tests. It also saves time on mobile app load testing due to its out-of-the-box support for native app frameworks. What sets StresStimulus apart from other performance testing tools is its support for complex websites and apps combined with its competitive pricing.

StresStimulus targets application scenarios that are difficult to test with other tools. It automatically fixes playback errors thanks to its proprietary autocorrelation. StresStimulus records user actions and replays them to emulate variable usage patterns. It also monitors load impact on application responsiveness and server infrastructure. The result analyzer finds hidden concurrency errors left unexposed by functional testing and includes detailed application performance metrics.

Highlights – StresStimulus

  • End-to-end Test Wizard covers all steps from recording to test results, which reduces the learning curve
  • On-premise or cloud testing supported with multiple load generators
  • Works as a stand-alone tool or Fiddler add-on
  • Exports script to Visual Studio test format to help with scenarios that fail when recorded in Visual Studio directly
  • Manual scripting is not required but available; supports three scripting languages

Features – StresStimulus

Recording Usage Scenarios

  • Automated load test recording. Record website usage scenarios in your web browser. In non-browser applications, capture web traffic from Silverlight or other Rich Internet Applications (RIA) or mobile applications and then create a test case with one mouse click.
  • Supported protocols and technologies: HTTP, HTTPS, AJAX, SOAP, WCF, binary WCF, and XML over HTTP.
  • Dynamic pages. In order to maintain the integrity of dynamic webpages, some of their parameters are generated during test replay to mimic a browser’s and user’s behavior. Session IDs, cookies and certain request parameters (e.g. ASP.NET view state) are generated using autocorrelation or heuristic algorithms. This allows StresStimulus to support out-of-the-box testing of many sophisticated web applications such as Microsoft CRM Dynamics, SharePoint, and
  • Parameterization with external data. To simulate realistic data entry performed by VUs, provide CSV files with relevant production data and map data fields to Post or Get request parameters. During the replay, StresStimulus automatically replaces recorded values with external data using one of several available data-binding methods.
  • Authentication. If you need to give every virtual user (VU) a unique identity, simply provide a data set with user credentials. Multiple secure authentication methods are supported, including Web Forms, Basic, NTLM, and Kerberos.
  • Scripting is not required, but is available. Create the entire test case through a GUI and wizard-based interface in minutes without touching script. If you need more sophisticated testing rules, the Fiddler .NET-based scripting platform is available.

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