Server-Side Monitoring

Server-Side Monitoring involves monitoring many different aspects of a network/server infrastructure. The server hardware, operating system, applications running on the operating system, network traffic, memory and disk utilisation and CPU usage are a few examples of top level items monitored in a common server infrastructure. In more depth monitoring can be performed such as looking as disk queue length, memory pages per second and total network bytes per second. Many other application or hardware specific monitoring can be configured and setup depending on which pieces of information are critical to business and support needs. Monitoring can be further enhanced on top of using out of the box OS monitoring by using applications such as Appdynamics which provides a very in depth application monitoring platform.

In businesses today it is very important to understand the importance of real time monitoring. This enables us to establish important statistics of server, network and application performance. Real time monitoring not only gives us accurate on the fly information of how good or bad our network environment is running but also hugely helps with foreseeing any future possible issues which the network might face as well as troubleshoot any on-going  support work required. Effective real time monitoring not only is crucial to most business because of the importance of critical application monitoring ensuring it is functioning properly but also saves businesses money in the long run if any application/server downtime were to occur as it bringing up the server environment wouldn’t be difficult knowing there is full traceability as to what happened before the issue occurred.