Creating a Key Transaction – Retrace

You can create Key Transaction for the following types of Resources by navigating to the details of each specific resource instance. These can typically be found on the Performance Tab of an App Dashboard.

SQL Queries
Tracked Functions

Some ideas of Key Transactions to monitor could include:

  • Application Home – Arguably the most important page on a site, so keeping tight tabs on its performance is a must.
  • User Login – Ensure your users are getting into your application as fast as possible to begin gaining value.
  • Shopping Cart Checkout – Speedy checkout completions reduce shopping cart abandonment. Time saved here is literally more money in the bank.
  • Site Search – Whether your users are there to find products, home listings, or anything else, keeping tabs of the number of results returned, the query time, and other key metrics will help provide continuous improvement for your users.

Configuring Key Transactions

For the specific key transaction you would like to configure, click Configure from the Actions dropdown. This will bring up the monitoring configuration for that app.

You can set the Check Frequency and Alert thresholds for each monitor attached to the Key Transaction.

SQL Monitor

very app relies on a database to ensure the flow of information. SQL Monitors proactively keep tabs on data and database health. However, problems in the database often have a wide-reaching impact downstream. In this guide, learn how to make SQL monitors to effectively monitor query results.

Preparing for SQL Monitors

Set up the database information inside Retrace. If you have not done this process, first set up your database credentials and configure a database connection. Then create a reusable query.

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